Our history since 2002

Polymeric semi-finished products

Tafer was born 40 years ago about like a workshop for metal parts as well as equipped for shearing molds and metal deep drawing.  From first years 2000 tafer has evolved by expanding its machineries and specializing in molding and machining of ptfe and techno polymers. The evolution of our company did not stop here ….  In the last 10 years we have developped a new department totally involved for injection molding.

Actually we have such a wide range of products that we can satisfy different sectors for many applications.

Our wide range of products

Tafer offer its customer a wide range of products! Surely you will find the suitable solutions for you….

Ball valve compontents
Since more than 30 years we are specialist in the production of components for ball valves: inserts, seats, floating seats, back up rings and chevron packings…
We are equipped to manufacture sleeves and tubes up to outside diameter 1100 mm about and both in virgin and filled PTFE (bronze, glass, graphite and so on….) and polymeric materials (DEVLON, PEEK and so on…)
Finished products
Since more than 30 year we have been specialist in the production of customized products, obtained by mechanical machining, according to customer drawing of specification. We are equipped to follow our customer from analysis of feasibility, during design phase, set up of the equipment and subsequent production up to the inspections and shipment of the item itself.
We avail of a blanking department equipped with machines from 20 to 200 tonn. Design and maintenance of the tools themselves have executed directly by our internal department with the advantage to work immediately, during production cycles as well.
Injection molding
It is the most common technology for the transformation of plastic and techno polymer materials. It allows to manufacture parts with different shapes as well as dimensions and weights continuously and non-stop.