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We are equipped to handle both medium and little batches, up to the single part

Stock House

Stock House

Our key point!
We constantly avail of a wide range of semi-finished products in virgin and filled PTFE, pure and filled PEEK, PCTFE and Devlon® V-API to guarantee a quick and working service


Since 2002 we have been manufactured semi-finished products in PTFE and polimeric materials as well as customized items obtained by mechanical and injection molding.

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TAFER offers its customer a wide range of products: surely you will find the suitable solution for you. Our items are manufactured based on yuor request and realized in accordance with quality and efficiency creeteria.



Tafer manufactures and provides with semi-finished products and customized one in PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE (KEL-F) and DEVLON(R) V-API…We have been worked on the market for more than 30 years and we have distinguished ourselves for our quality and customer care. Our objective is the customer satisfaction within short time. We can satisfy both medium/big bathes up to the single piece. Our “key point” is our stock house: it’s always well equipped and constantly evolving.

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IT’S OUR GOAL! We avail of a well stocked ware house of semifinished products both pure and filled PTFE as weel in polimeric materials such as PEEK, PCTFE (KEL-F), DEVLON® V-API…..It’s constantly updated and visible from our site.

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Discover our materials

Tafer offer our customer a wide range of materials for the manufacturing of  polymeric semi-finished products as well as different customized parts

Semi-finished products in PEEK are part of the wide range of Tafer, one of the leading companies in this sector for the production of semi-finished and finished parts according to the customer's design.
PTFE is a polymer with important and excellent characteristics of chemical resistance and towards external agents
Tafer specializes in the manufacture and sale of semi-finished and custom-designed pieces in PCTFE, obtained by the polymerization of polychlorotrifluoroethylene.
Semi-finished products (tubes and rods) in Devlon®V-API is developed by James Walker in close cooperation with the valve industry, to have a material with advanced temperature and pressure performance.

Our Certificates

Our quality has been recognized by the quality management system in accordance with: UNI EN ISO 9001-2015

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