Semi-Finished Products in Virgin and Filled PTFE

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a polymer with an high molecular weight, composed of fluorine and carbon atoms, which make it one of the most versatile and recommended among the plastic materials. Often PTFE is produced with some fillers like bronze, carbon, glass fiber and so on…..The addition of filles help this material to improve its properties such as compression and tensile strength.

It is available on the market with different shapes (rods, tubes and sleeves). The choice of the format depends on customized part to be manufactured while the grade on the application and final use.

Due to its high mechanical features, it is recommended into different sectors: chemical, petrolchemical, hydraulic, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, valve components.

Why Choose Virgin PTFE?
  • High Heat Resistance
  • High Resistance To External Chemical Agents And To Solvents
  • Excellent Anti-Adhesion
  • High Dielettric Characteristics
  • Low Friction Coefficient
  • Non Toxicity
Why Choose Filled PTFE?
  • Higher Resistance to the Compression
  • Higher Wear Resistance
  • Greater Hardness
  • Lower Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Standard Semi-Finished Stock
  • Extruded Rods
  • Molded Rods and Tubes
  • Virgin and Modified PTFE (unfilled PTFE)
  • PTFE standard compound (filled PTFE)
  • PTFE special compound (filled PTFE)
Why Choose Our Semi-Finsihed Products?
  • TAFER avail of a wide range of semi-finished products in virgin PTFE, standard compound and special compound. For all the different product families, we offer a complete range of size.
  • We avail of a well stocked ware house, both for virgin and filled grades, that helps us “to be always on the piece” and to guarantee faster delivery times.
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