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A technopolymer is a polymer with high physical and mechanical properties.
The expression technopolymer encompasses all plastics that are used for the realisation of projects in various sectors due to their high strength and rigidity.
These characteristics allow it to be used instead of metals, for the manufacture of certain tools or elements installed inside industrial machines, such as gears for their movement, up to the fans that are used to prevent computers from overheating, and many other professional and industrial tools.
They allow parts to be produced that are increasingly cutting-edge and competitive on the market, as they boast special characteristics such as resistance to high temperatures, as well as chemical and electrical resistance, and are resistant to deterioration over time.

Among the engineering plastics used in everyday life we have:

  • Teflon
  • Peek


Teflon is one of the most resistant polymers, used in the production of numerous tools.
It was originally created as a light, odourless, white powder that resists any solvent without dissolving. It is a perfect insulator as well as being resistant to chemicals.
After due processing, Teflon presents itself as a plastic and smooth substance, resistant to scratching.
Thanks to its high performance, Teflon has become the main player in the production of kitchen utensils, especially for the inner coating of non-stick frying pans and pots, thus guaranteeing their top quality and preventing food from sticking to the surface of the pan (pot).
While in the textile industry, Teflon combined with fibres is used for the manufacture of waterproof and stain-resistant fabrics.
Teflon is also in demand for the manufacture of objects requiring high strength, especially anti-corrosion; in the medical field, it is used for the production of surgical prostheses, and for the artificial production of veins and arteries.


Peek is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical performance and very high chemical resistance.
It is particularly resistant to high temperatures up to 260 degrees centigrade, while at minimum temperatures it resists down to -60 degrees centigrade.
Peek is used for the manufacture of certain parts of industrial ovens, medical equipment, insulators, gears.
It is also used for the production of skids, rollers and pulleys and various car engine components.
Pure peek is used for the manufacture of prostheses, catheters and endoscopes.
In the mechanical sector, thanks to its high resistance to all kinds of wear, it is used in applications requiring special performance, thus finding application in both the aerospace industry.
Teflon, thanks to its high resistance to radiation, is also used in the nuclear sector.

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