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High-performance thermoplastic polymers include PEEK, which is currently used in numerous industrial sectors, such as aerospace, mechanical engineering, automotive or medicine, for the manufacture of modern, high-tech prostheses.
Its wide use is due to the excellent characteristics of the product, which ensures satisfactory performance thanks to its high-level chemical properties.
Let us therefore see why PEEK is one of the most widely used polymers today and how to use it in industry.


PEEK is a thermoplastic polymer, used both for the manufacture of artefacts, such as prostheses, and as a high-performance matrix for impregnants, combined with materials such as glass, carbon or continuous fibres.
It is an element that resists very high temperatures, up to 260 degrees, as well as radiation and gamma and X-rays, thus finding wide use in the medical and health sector.
The field of application, therefore, lies in all those sectors that require high mechanical performance and excellent temperature resistance, without changing physical and chemical properties.
PEEK is therefore present in the aerospace sector, where resistance is one of the essential requirements, as well as in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.
Certain kinds of packaging, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals also rely on this element, making it one of the most sought-after on the market today.
Relying on a historic company such as Tafer is therefore essential in order to be able to count on the production of polymers that maintain their excellent characteristics and are then functional in terms of industrial use.
We are talking about a leading company in the field of PTFE processing, PEEK and semi-finished products, which retails or makes extensive supplies for industrial customers.


PEEK is widely used in industry for its strength characteristics.
Let’s therefore see what peculiarities make it one of the most popular on the market.

– Chemical resistance

PEEK is used for the manufacture of machinery and containers that are in contact with chemicals, as it does not permeate and, not having a porous structure, does not allow organic and inorganic liquids to alter its structure.
This is why the packaging sector cannot do without it, with the creation of legally compliant and reusable drums.

– Suppression of usury

PEEK is characterised by excellent wear and friction resistance, retaining its shape and size over time.
Products made of this material are less prone to abrasion, discolouration or breakage as a result of shocks and stresses.
Hence its use in the automotive and aerospace fields, where high-precision structures are required, but also resistance to agents and high stresses.

– Self-extinguishing

PEEK is not a flammable product by nature, which means that it can withstand high temperatures and be used in the vicinity of flames and fire without losing its properties or starting a fire.

– Low emission of gases and fumes

Even in the case of combustion, generated by the presence of additives, the emission of fumes and gases is very low, as well as toxic acids that can cause unpleasant health consequences.
It is therefore a fairly safe material that is used in factories without harming employees, in compliance with current hygiene regulations.

– Dielectric properties

PEEK is characterised by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, acting as a valuable insulator in the manufacture of various products.
Its electrical properties therefore remain constant over time and in less than optimal weather conditions.

– Hydrolysis suppression

PEEK can be used during even quite long washing cycles, withstanding high temperatures of up to 260 degrees without undergoing changes in shape and temperature.
Therefore, it is a substance that does not suffer from sterilisation processes and is widely used in industries that use this procedure.

– High food compatibility FDA – ECC 90/128

PEEK is frequently used to create matrices for the food industry, as well as for containers and drums for storing liquids and food.
According to current regulations, it is a compatible and health-safe material, suitable for sterilisation at high temperatures and capable of thermal insulation.

– Ray resistance

Whether gamma rays or radiation, PEEK does not change when subjected to such treatment; therefore, it is ideal when used for prostheses or in healthcare.

– Compatibility with modern processing techniques

In addition to its adaptable characteristics, PEEK is compatible with modern, cost-effective processing techniques, such as compression and roller moulding, as well as protrusion and compression moulding.
There are therefore no limits to its processing, making it versatile in various industrial fields.
It is therefore also a useful material for the precision industry, for the production of seals, guides, pumps, valves, clamps and rings, useful in the construction industry.

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