injection molding

Injection moulding

Among the various types of plastic moulding is injection moulding, which is a process in which plastic material is melted and injected into a closed mould and after it has solidified, the mould is opened.
Injection is done at high pressure and high temperatures so that the plastic material can enter the mould before solidifying.
The machinery for injection moulding is industrial and the technologies have improved considerably over the years.
In practice they consist of a fixed platen on which a half-mould (called a die) is fixed and a moving platen on which the other half-mould (punch) is fixed.
The semi-mould on the movable part is the one that opens at the end to remove the now solid die.
In addition to the two parts, the fixed platen and the moving platen, there is the injection unit, which uses a worm screw to insert the plastic material into the mould via a hole in the end of the injection unit.
Injection moulding of thermoplastic materials.

The advantages of injection moulding

Moulding plastics using the injection technique allows parts with complex geometries to be produced compared to other thermoplastic moulding techniques.

This technique is useful as it can produce many parts and the production costs are very low. But not only high productivity and low production costs, it is also possible to automate processes and create moulds that make the end result as good as possible.

On industrial production, these advantages are really very important, not only for economic reasons, but automating the processes as much as possible allows you to produce as much and as productively as possible.

This moulding technique also makes it possible to produce very small parts with complex geometries. It is also possible to create parts with metal inserts and different colours.

A final advantage is that the moulds and presses can also be used with different plastic materials.

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