Guarnizioni a Disegno


The industrial market offers a wide range of gaskets, and their designs and uses are so diverse that it is not possible to predict and produce them all in advance.
Therefore, when we speak of gaskets according to design, in the industrial context, we refer to those gaskets produced according to specific indications and requirements provided by the customer, in order to produce a product specific to his needs.
Industrial gaskets are specific products that are inserted between two different contact surfaces, for a higher level of tightness and safety.
Gaskets are distinguished in different materials depending on the industrial sector where they are applied.
Furthermore, depending on their shape, size, and characteristics, there are:

  • standard gaskets
  • design gaskets

Standard gaskets are used for several different industrial applications.
While patterned gaskets are specific products that are sandwiched between two different contact surfaces to ensure a higher level of sealing and safety.
Choosing a patterned gasket is the best way to achieve an excellent gasket result, while also being able to estimate its service life.
This is an important aspect because it gives the possibility to intervene with the maintenance process before the gasket deteriorates, avoiding consequent damage, especially when used in production facilities.
Furthermore, as far as their production is concerned, being gaskets created only for a specific customer, they are made to order.
In this regard, production technologies are arranged according to the material to be manufactured.


The production phase of customised plastic moulds for a customer starts with the analysis of the product and the details provided by the customer.
It starts with the realisation of the product prototype on drawing, so that every aspect can be defined and approved; shape, colour, finish, and every other detail.
The following characteristics are defined taking into account certain factors concerning environmental, ergonomic and stress standards.
Having reached this point in the project, before proceeding to the mould construction phase, the customer is given the opportunity to view images of the prototype with a high quality graphic rendering.
In this way he can see what the result of the finished product will look like and can request any changes.
After deciding on all aspects of the design, mechanical, ergonomic and economic in agreement with the customer, we move on to the main phase.
Once the prototype is confirmed, the design goes into engineering production.
This is the moment when the product drawing is changed into a 3D design, a process by which the moulds will later be produced.
From this moment, the prototype design comes to life and begins its cycle in the production of plastic moulds.


The production of gaskets made of engineering plastics according to drawing has become one of the strengths of the industry.
They allow the customer to have a complete consultancy service, starting from the design up to the finished plastic product.
Collaboration with the customer also reduces production time and project-related costs.
The customer is involved in the entire process of producing the required plastic product through the following steps:

  • analysing the feasibility of the project
  • advising customers on the choice of the most suitable plastics to be used according to their needs
  • analysing the most appropriate production process
  • plastic product development
  • possible realisation of the project in 3D version
  • production concerning equipment for extruding raw materials
  • test the plastic materials identified
  • obtain the sample and submit it for testing of the respective parameters
  • production of plastic product development
  • accurate and final step of quality control of the finished product

The production of gaskets in engineering plastics to order, therefore, consists of a particularly specific technique whereby plastics are transformed into the design, in this case concerning gaskets, provided by the customer.

Technopolymer gaskets are characterised by a high level of rigidity, resistance to weight, wear and temperature changes.
The entire manufacturing process is semi-automatic, using state-of-the-art machinery and the supervision of highly qualified personnel, capable of controlling the various stages of production: from drawing, which allows the characteristics to be maintained, to moulding, compression, and deburring.

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